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Opening New PHYSIOTHERAPY Branch at SURAT on 20th January 2019 at SARATHANA

Opening HOLISTIC TREATMENT Branch at Adajan, SURAT in March 2019

Patient Experience

Some of The Greatest Success Stories of AAsthAA

Eye Disorder

CASE : 1

Name: Master Smit (male)

Age: 8 years

Case: Strabismus ( squint eye )

History: When reported AAsthAA master Smit having challenge of CONGENITAL STRABISMUS with  quadric vision defect and was referred for the surgery by the reputed Ophthalmologist.

Treatment: He was treated AAsthAA for 3 months on daily bases with Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Yoga

Result: His eyes was ok by the 8th week and his visonwas improved from quadric to proper within 9 week


CASE : 1

Name: Dr.Ketan Ginoya (male)

Age: 25 Years

Case: Ankylosing spondylitis

History: When reported to AAsthAA Dr.Ketan Ginoya was having sever pain and it was limiting his flexibility at hip and back muscles were sore all the time. Was suffering from morning sickness and his walk pattern was very bad due to pain and joint limitations. He was not able to walk straight forget about running.

Treatment: He was treated for three months with Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Yoga and Homeopathy.

Result: He was all right with all flexibility and no symptom lef tlike morning sickness, and sore muscles. His walk was normal, top of that hecould run on treadmill and he is even able to swim painlessly.

CASE : 2

Name: Indira ben (female)

Age: 58 years

Case: O.A.knee, over weight.

History: When reported to AAsthAA Mrs.Indira was having chronic OA Knee which was limiting her day to day life with severe painin knee and calf while sitting, standing, walking and evenat sleep. And was recommended for surgery.

Treatment: She was treated for two months with Homeopathy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture.

Result: She was allright with her pain within this period of two months and surprisingly she was able to join a programme of weightloss with us for 3 months and lost 7 kg of weight, and shewas able to walk on treadmill for 30mins at a stretch. Along with all other exercise like suryanamashkar.

CASE : 3

Name: Rajula ben (female)

Age: 49 years

Case: OA Knree

History: of 4 years (referred for TKR)

Treatment: She was treated in AAsthAA for 3 months on daily bases with Acupunture, Physiotherapy, Yoga 

Result: No pain left and Daily life was leaded nicely.

Other  Patients who was suffering from OA knee achieved superb health at AAsthAA are  listed bellow,

CASE : 4

Name: Mrs.Bhavna(female);

Case: OA;

Referred for:TKR;


CASE : 5



Referred for:Pian


CASE : 6

Name: Mr.Vikram(m,63)

Case: OA

Referred for:Pain


CASE : 7

Name: Mr.jayesh(m,60)

Case: OA

Referred for:TKR


CASE : 8

Name: Mr.Divakar(m,55)

Case: OA

Referred for:Pian


CASE : 9

Name: Mrs.Meena(f,58)

Case: OA

Referred for:Pain


Varicose venis and Cellulites

CASE : 1

Name: Mrs.Nipa  (female)

Age: 39 years

Case: varicose veins

History: of 6 years, pain in calf day long, even while sleeping atnight.

Treatment: She was treated in AAsthAA for 3 months ondaily bases with Acupuncture, Homeo-Acupuncture, Physiotherapy.

Result: Visble improvement was noted of the affectedareas of varicose veins. No pain left and Daily life was leaded nicely.

CASE : 2

Name: Mrs.Saival  (female)

Age: 37 years

Case: varicose vein and cellulites

History: of 8 years, pain in calfday long, even while sleeping at night. 2nd grade cellulites.

Treatment: She was treated in AAsthAA for 3 months on daily bases Homeopathic-Mesotherapy, Acupunture, Homeo-Acupunture, and Physiotherapy.

Result: Visible improvement was noted of the affected areas of varicose veins and cellulites. No pain left and Daily life was leadednicely.

Cerebral Palsy

CASE : 1

Name: Mr.Keyur  (male)

Age: 25 years

Case: cerebral palsy ( non MRCP)

History: Ccongenital,when reported to AAsthAA he was in contracture phase( said to be incurable without operation.He was totaly limited in all functional activity.

Treatment: Hewas treated in AAsthAA for 6 months on daily bases with Acupuncture,Homeo-Acupuncture, and Physiotherapy.

Nowwith god’s grace patient is able to walk with one hand support of therapist,use stairs with two hand support if therapist and can move his contractedelbows and other body parts without much stiffness. (may god bless him even more)


CASE : 1

Name: Mr. X (m) ( Identity is hidden becauseof privacy of patient )

Age: 26 years

Case: Grand mal Epilepsy

History: of 10 progressive, frequency of attacks