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Opening New PHYSIOTHERAPY Branch at SURAT on 20th January 2019 at SARATHANA

Opening HOLISTIC TREATMENT Branch at Adajan, SURAT in March 2019

Welcome to AAsthAA Multi Therapy Clinic
At the end of the day we often find our self weak tired and soaked due to physical as well as mental stress. Later on this stress leads us and brings us in such condition when we realize it, as a disease of our body and mind. What we mean is, we treat only physic but since the root of the disease is not always at the level of physic, so treating only physic is not a way out to cure the disease. Sometimes we often get to hear that patient's illness is solved or cured almost at the half with the great will power of his. So collectively, its nothing but about curing body and mind simultaneously when it comes to treat any disease. Its about treating patient's outer and inner self both. As the new era began we came out with great efficiency in medical science that is never neglected but at the same time we have been loosing our inner self and inner power to fight with the physical as well as mental diseases. So it is very important to treat any disease by reaching its root both the ways.

After collecting respective knowledge of all other possible methods of treatments, and combining them with each other we started doing our research on AasthaA for all of you….

We are now successfully implementing combination of 13 therapies together and still researching on to combine more of them with intention of achieving better health - A Wholly Health.